Charlie is an aimless 20-something living in London. One day while job hunting, a case of mistaken identity sees him interviewed by a gang of criminal hairdressers for the position of get-away driver in an upcoming heist. During the interview Charlie witnesses a brutal execution carried out by the charismatic and violent head-stylist Toni. Realising their mistake, Toni and his gang of hairdressers pursue Charlie.

With nowhere else to go Charlie escapes the city to hide out with his brother Rudyard and his brother's “spiritual life partner' Tulip who live off the grid in a wood in Wales. Charlie reluctantly learns the ways of the forest while keeping the real reason for his visit a secret.

Charlie's presence in the woods ruffles the feathers of rival tribe The Honeylovers, whose leader, King Beeswax, demands that they be allowed to appoint a new tribe member and that Charlie take a spirit walk to be accepted by the forest. Meanwhile Charlie meets local farmer's daughter, Jenny, who he upsets when she catches him fly-tipping on her land.

King Beeswax begins his recruitment trials and Charlie sets out on his hallucinogenic spirit walk. Charlie meets The Spirit of the Woods who guides him through the process and encourages him to dance and take his clothes off. When he awakes the next day he again meets Jenny who invites him to join her for breakfast at the top of the nearest mountain.

With tension building between the tribes and local farmer, Mr Jones, the threat of eviction hangs over their woodland existence.

To make matters worse, Toni and his gang of hairdressers track Charlie down and take Jenny hostage at the farmhouse. Charlie is forced to reveal the truth and unite the tribes to rescue Jenny and defeat the hairdressers.